Quick guide to information security awareness training

Want to know what information security awareness training is all about, but don't have time to read an in-depth, 10,000 word document? Our 4-step guide to security awareness training has you covered.

Here's all you need to know about information security awareness training in 2 minutes.

What is information security awareness training?

Information security awareness training usually consists of a training programme that teaches end users about all core cyber security topics. It can take many forms and cover a wide variety of topics, but what unites these programmes is that they are intended to help users know about protecting data, devices and networks, and raise general awareness about information security in the workplace.

Why do I need information security awareness training?

The majority of costly data breaches are caused by human error. End users without information security awareness are likely to make a number of mistakes such as falling for phishing emails and paving the way for ransomware to take over company devices. Deploying cyber awareness training will help protect your organisation from a wide range of cyber threats, and save you money in the long run.

How do I start information security awareness training?

While large corporations often create their own training programmes, more and more companies are choosing to purchase training from specialised vendors. These training programmes are often created by experts and cover the latest advice, and can often be easily deployed in formats such as cloud training through end user email inboxes.

When should I do information security awareness training?

In the past, most companies held yearly training sessions. What happened was that end users would simply forget about what they learnt in their training soon after their lecture, and no cyber threats were actually prevented as a result. Instead, you should break down training into small, easily digestible modules, and send these out to your users on a regular monthly schedule.


Deploy information security awareness training in the time it took you to read this guide

uLearn Auto Enrol is the most comprehensive information security awareness training programme you can deploy in just one click.

Once enabled, Auto Enrol automatically test your users on their existing knowledge, and creates an individualised training programme for each user that addresses their weakest areas first. Training courses are then automatically sent out every 4 weeks, allowing you to rapidly address human error in your organisation without breaking a sweat.


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