New Feature: Assess user vulnerability to QR code phishing scams

We're excited to unveil our latest feature that empowers customers and partners with the ability to assess employee vulnerability towards the growing threat of QR code phishing (otherwise known as "quishing").

With the new QR code phishing feature – now live in uPhish – you can easily embed QR codes into your usecure phishing simulations to track which users become compromised.

Why assess employee risk to QR code phishing?

With the increased use of QR codes in various industries, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic for contactless transactions, there has been a notable rise in these types of phishing attempts. Cybercriminals exploit the convenience and widespread trust to trick individuals and employees into unwittingly compromising their personal or company data.

According to a new study released by ReliaQuest, in September 2023 the company saw a 51% increase in quishing attacks, as compared to the cumulative figure for January through August 2023.

Easily launch QR phishing simulations and uncover which users are at risk 

Schedule ready-made campaigns using usecure's pre-loaded library of QR templates, or build custom simulations using usecure's email template builder, 

For a step-by-step tutorial, check out our help centre article for how to create your first QR code phishing simulation in uPhish.

Use ready-made QR code phishing templates

Your uPhish template library is now loaded with phishing templates that include scannable QR codes. Simply head over to the uPhish Email Template Library in your usecure admin portal, and search "QR" in the search box to take a browse.

QR code phishing templates in uPhish template library

Create custom QR code phishing templates

Within the uPhish Email Template Builder, you're able to create custom QR code phishing emails in minutes using our intuitive drag and drop.

Build a QR code phishing simulation in uPhish

Track user visits and compromise rates

When a user scans a QR code in the phishing email, they'll be directed to your preselected landing page, where you'll be able to track employee visits and rates of compromise.

Educate staff on the threats of QR code phishing

Alongside the ability to assess user risk to QR phishing, you're also able to proactively educate people on how these attacks work and how to stay safe.

In your uLearn course library, you'll find a bite-sized security awareness training course explaining what quishing is, attack techniques and tips for employees on how to stay safe.

QR code phishing security awareness taining course

Can your employees spot a QR phish? Let's find out...

For existing usecure customers and partners, you'll now find your QR code phishing templates and employee training course in your admin portal.

Not yet a usecure customer or partner?

Book a meeting with our team for a quick run-through of how usecure helps businesses reduce human risk through admin-lite automation, or, start a free 14-day trial to launch a free phishing simulation.