New in September: PCI DSS video course, Gap Analysis update & more...

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New courses

Email Thread Hijacking

Email thread hijacking, also known as conversation hacking, is a type of attack where a cyber criminal infiltrates ongoing email chains within a company. The attacker can impersonate participants in the chain and use the conversation to gain access to sensitive data and systems.

Teach your users to stay safe from this type of phishing attack with our new course.

uLearn -> Course Library -> Email Thread Hijacking


PCI DSS Essentials

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard is a set of rules created by payment card companies to help keep payment card details and transactions safe. Any company processing payment card transactions - anywhere in the world - is expected to be compliant.

Educate users on all they need to know about PCI DSS with our new video course.

uLearn -> Course Library -> PCI DSS Essentials


Course improvements

Updated Gap Analysis questions

Auto Enrol is the easiest way to train all of your clients' end users on core cyber security topics. We've just updated the Gap Analysis questionnaire - the set of 36 questions that all new users are sent when Auto Enrol is enabled.

The new questions are:

  • Entirely scenario-based - focusing on what employees would do in a specific situation, rather than asking for general information or knowledge of cyber jargon.
  • Updated to fit in with the latest cyber security requirements - this includes the use of passphrases and not asking users to look for ‘padlock’ symbols in their browser.
  • Applicable regardless of the technology a company uses - they don’t ask about software such as VPNs that all customers may not use.


Platform updates

Changes to inactive users

We've made some changes to how inactive users are handled by the platform. Inactive users can no longer participate in simulations, be enrolled on or access courses, or be sent or access policies.

Just as a reminder, when you set a user inactive:

  • You will not be billed for them (from the next billing cycle)
  • They will not receive any new course enrolments, simulations or policy requests


Upcoming channel events

CompTIA London, October 2-3

The usecure team will be exhibiting at the CompTIA Member & Partner Conference in London this October. Make sure to drop by the usecure booth if you are attending!

Want to attend? Register here.


That's it for this month. See you around on the usecure platform!