New in March: Attachment phishing, QR courses and more

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New features

Attachment phishing

You can now send out phishing simulations equipped with attachments to your end users. Attachments are a common source of malware and links to malicious websites, so training your users in spotting these types of phishing attempts is key to keeping your clients safe.

With the introduction of these new attack types, we have revamped the uPhish UI and added a new screen to the beginning of your simulation creation process. In this new screen, you can choose which type of simulation you wish to send out.

uPhish -> Create Simulation -> Attachment Open or Attachment Open + Landing Page



New content

Attachment phishing courses

We've released two new courses to help you train end users on the risks posed by attachment phishing. This includes a general course to introduce users to the topic, and a micro-training course specifically created for users who have fallen for an attachment-equipped phishing simulation.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search attachments


Additional QR code courses

In December we released a new feature that allows you to send phishing simulations equipped with QR codes to your end users.

We've just released two new courses that help you address this risk. 'QR Code Attacks' is your go-to training course that walks users through the various types of QR code scams, from emails to physical codes. 'QR Code Phishing Micro Training' is your dedicated micro training course for users who have become compromised on their QR code phishing simulations.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search QR


Attachment templates

We've released 20+ new templates to help you train and test your users on the most common attachment-based phishing scams. These include templates from the most common online services, as well as internal and spear-phish scams.

uPhish -> Create Simulation -> Attachment Open or Attachment Open + Landing Page

uPhish Attachmnt Phishing template library

BYOD Policy Template

Bring-Your-Own-Device policies are becoming ever more popular as employers and employees seek flexibility. You can now easily help your clients create a BYOD policy for their staff using our template in the uPolicy library.

uPolicy -> View Policies -> Create Policy -> From Template

Screenshot 2024-03-06 at 11.24.02



Channel Program All Stars

Channel Program's All Stars online event will be taking place on March 27, at noon ET. The event will feature 17 industry leaders, 4 thought provoking keynotes, and 3 powerhouse panels of industry experts, including the usecure CEO Charles Preston.

Together, they will navigate in-depth conversations that will cover popular modern-day topics such as:

  • Business continuity
  • The current state of security
  • The importance of automation

Don't miss this chance to learn and empower your business!

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Line up of speakers at the All Stars event.


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