New in January: QR Code simulations and more...

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New features

QR Codes are now available for use in phishing simulations

You can now send out phishing simulations containing QR codes to your end users. These types of scams are now commonly used by cyber criminals to bypass email link filters, and it's essential to prepare your users to face these scams in their inboxes.

To send out a simulation using QR codes, create a new phishing campaign and find one of the email templates with 'QR' in the name, or simply drag-and-drop a QR code to your custom email templates.


New templates

Phishing templates with QR codes

To help you train and assess your users from the get-go, we've researched and recreated some of the most common and dangerous QR code phishing attacks as templates within uPhish.

Many of these templates revolve around MFA-related scams, as this is a regular theme of quishing. Find templates in the uPhish library today whether your clients use Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or other popular business software.


New courses

Staying safe from QR Code phishing emails

Before sending out your first QR Code phishing simulation, you may wish to train your users on the risks & uses of QR codes first. Alternatively, you can choose this course as your inline training option.

Staying safe from QR Code phishing emails walks users through the common uses of QR codes, why they can pose a security risk when used maliciously by cyber criminals, and what steps they can take to stay safe from scams. Train your users through the Course Library today.



Watch our Channel Engage pitch on January 26

Channel Engage is your chance to watch the most innovative emerging technology vendors make a 7-minute pitch on how their solution will help your business grow.

The event is hosted online by Channel Program, and begins at 5pm GMT. Sign up today to catch this month's Channel Engage pitches on January 26!

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