Introducing Video Auto Enrol

From Monday the 14th of February, every Auto Enrol course will have its text content replaced by a video. Here's why we're making the change - and what it means for you and your end users.

What is Auto Enrol?

Auto Enrol is usecure's automated security awareness training programme. It consists of a gap analysis questionnaire that finds out users' individual risk profiles, and 36 training courses that range across all core areas of cyber security.

Why are we switching Auto Enrol courses to video?

In order to improve user behaviour, it is not enough to just send out all necessary information to users and hope that it sticks. To make real improvement happen, users must engage with their learning content and learn why they should care

Video-based learning material is proven to increase engagement and improve learning retention. The average person is now so used to learning through video content, from online courses to YouTube videos to Netflix documentaries - that it only makes sense to provide material to users in the format most familiar and accessible to them.

How and when is the switch going to happen?

All Auto Enrol courses in English (UK) or English (US) will be switched out to video courses from Monday the 14th of February.

Users who are in the middle of their Auto Enrol programmes will have the new video courses available to them immediately from that date, and existing course links and reminder emails will continue working. You can keep enrolling users to courses as normal, and there's nothing you need to do to make the switch happen.

What will the videos look like?

Auto Enrol courses will use videos in one of three different styles. We found that by using different styles of video content, we could increase user engagement and keep the courses fresh for end users.

Animated videos

Our hand-drawn, animated courses use a relatable story to engage end users and introduce a core learning topic.


Whiteboard videos

Our white-board videos make use of hand-drawn imagery and are brief and accessible to end users.


Explainer videos

Our explainer videos cover topics in more detail, while staying short - every video is less than two minutes long.


How can I get started?

If you don't have a usecure account just yet, it's easy to get started with a free 14-day trial. In your usecure account, simply turn on Auto Enrol from your uLearn tab to start training your end users with engaging video courses.


How do I know my end users will actually watch the videos?

Just like the text-based Auto Enrol courses, the new video-based courses contain a series of questions at the end that will test your users' knowledge after the course. In order to pass, users will need to get the majority of answers correct - and the questions are randomised for each user so copying off the person they're sitting next to won't be possible.

Can I choose to only use one style of video course?

This won't be an option with the launch of video courses, but do let us know if this is something that you'd be interested in.

Can I choose to stick with text courses?

You won't be able to enrol users in text-based information security courses from Monday 14th February.

What about other languages?

We are planning to enable video Auto Enrol in other languages later this year - starting with French, German and Spanish in Q2.