Introducing uBreach Pro: Advanced dark web intelligence for MSPs

It’s no secret that many dark web monitoring services exhibit a glaring flaw for MSPs: they either fall short in maintaining up-to-date breach coverage, struggle with user-friendliness, or fail to genuinely cater to service providers.

Award-winning dark web intelligence, purpose-built for MSPs

uBreach Pro is the first advanced dark web intelligence service that is truly fit for MSPs, combining a proactive solution for eliminating dark web threats with usecure’s award-winning partner program.

  • Prospect new clients with actionable breach reports – Run free domain scans for prospects and demonstrate the need for your service.
  • Widen your detection with domain-level monitoring – Monitor all emails under a given domain to assess company-wide breaches.
  • Protect clients in real-time with instant breach alerts – Detect threats as soon as they appear and mitigate risks before they escalate.
  • Monitor extensive, up-to-date breach intelligence – Broaden your scope by monitoring a greater number of data breach sources.

Prospect – Protect – Prevent

uBreach Pro offers significantly more functionality and monitoring capabilities than the Starter version, helping service providers proactively protect clients from stolen credentials, differentiate their service, and affirm their stance as a forward-thinking MSP. Let's dig into what's new...

uBreach Pro for MSPs

Powerful sales prospecting

By generating free domain scan reports for clients and prospects, you can now highlight the urgent need for your service through actionable risk data.

  • Run free domain scans for prospects in a few quick and easy steps
  • Generate an easy-to-digest breach PDF report, branded by your MSP
  • Access ready-made marketing assets to drive client interest and leads

Extensive breach coverage

You can now monitor a significantly broader range of breach sources and accurately pinpoint exposed data.

  • Monitor a significantly larger database of data breach sources
  • Monitor all email accounts under client domain(s) (domain-level monitoring)
  • View exposed data (e.g. passwords) in securely redacted values
  • Understand the severity of new breaches with contextual overviews

Proactive client protection

Keep clients one step ahead of dark web threats with proactive alerts and ‘resolved’ breach tags.

  • Configure instant breach email alerts for admins, clients and end-users
  • Reduce your clients’ risk scores by marking breaches as ‘resolved’
  • Gain clearer insights with a revamped UI and data breach summary reports

Upgrade to uBreach Pro today

If you're an existing partner, head over to uBreach in your usecure portal to upgrade in a few simple steps, or, reach out to your usecure Account Manager.

Not yet a usecure partner?

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