How usecure levelled-up its customer support by giving email the boot

Recently, when a client reached out to us to ask how we deliver such quick and helpful support (so much so that they wanted to replicate our processes within their own business), we realised that we weren't making enough noise about how awesome our support is.

So, after months of completely transforming our customer support into a real-time, human-led and genuinely helpful experience, we’ve decided to bang our drum a lot louder 🥁🥁🥁

Getting rid of slow SLAs &
painful email back-and-forths

For IT managers and IT service providers, we know that there aren't enough hours in the day to get through what needs to be done, let alone for putting out fires related to vendor software and services.

And, when you do finally get the chance to log a support ticket, the last thing you need is a painfully slow service-level agreement (SLA) with long email chains.


That’s why we set ourselves the goal of being the best vendor you work with when it comes to product, partnership and people.

Our mission

So, we knuckled down and focused on three key areas:

  1. Easy access to support, whenever you need it
  2. Helpful answers to your questions
  3. Fast response and resolution times

To achieve this, we wanted to offer you real-time customer support that resolves any queries in the quickest and most seamless way...

The result?

Real-time support

You can now reach us anywhere in the usecure app or on our website — just go to our green live chat icon to get in touch.

Instant live chat support

2-minute live chat response time

What’s the point of having live chat if there’s no one to answer? That’s why we have a median response time of under two minutes.

Our median response time

In-app Academy & product tours

Our usecure Academy videos and product tours give you insightful walk-throughs of the usecure platform at relevant stages of your onboarding.


On-demand knowledge base

We’ve built an entire knowledge base of support articles — including FAQs, how-tos and tutorials — to help you become a usecure pro.

usecure Knowledge Base

Localised in multiple languages

To compliment the localisation of the usecure app in French, German and Spanish, we’ve hired an in-house support team and translated our Help Centre.

Localised Languages

See what all the fuss is about

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