New in February: Report Hub, High-Risk User & HIPAA courses and more

New Features

Report Hub

You can now get deeper insights into your client's human cyber risk, review areas for improvement and gain more control over internal reporting — all in one place.

The Report Hub allows you to download reports of your platform activity in annual, quarterly or custom reports, making it easy to share progress on addressing human risk with your clients and other stakeholders.


New course content

High Risk User Training: Protecting Company Data with the Principle of Least Privilege

Your high-risk users, such as employees in human resources and finance departments, need to be trained on the necessary measures to keep company systems and data safe. Our new training course teaches users with enhanced access rights on how they can utilise the Principle of Least Privilege to keep company data safe.


Understanding HIPAA: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is one of the most important privacy legislations in the United States. It's essential that any employees dealing with Protected Health Information understand how to stay compliant.

With our new series of three training courses on HIPAA, you can teach your users all they need to know about HIPAA in three different levels of depth in information.


Improvements to the usecure app

Revamped scoring

We have retired A-F grades from scoring all across reporting on the usecure app. Instead, users will be given a percentage score for each course they complete, and their average grade across courses will also be presented as a percentage score.

We made this change to make scoring more intuitive and easy to understand, as well as to ensure the experience was consistent throughout each type of report.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 16.46.16

New uPhish template categories

When creating a new uPhish simulation, you can now use the filters to easily find templates in the right category for your campaign. Choose anything from delivery scams to financial emails, and test your users' responses with our realistic templates.

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Dedicated Gap Analysis Report

There is now a separate Gap Analysis Report which will easily let you know how your users are progressing on their Gap Analysis questionnaires. You can find the overall completion rate and average score, and see which users have still not completed their questionnaires.

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New translations

The usecure app is now available in Portuguese

We are constantly improving accessibility to the admin console across different regions and languages. The usecure app is now fully available in Portuguese.

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Video Auto Enrol courses are now available in Dutch

We're aiming to provide each of our supported languages with entirely video-based courses to increase user engagement. Each course in the 36-course Auto Enrol programme in Dutch are now available with video content.


That's all for this month - see you on the usecure app!