Data Privacy Week for MSPs: Your FREE resources and tips

Data Privacy Week is almost here. It's the perfect time for MSPs to initiate important conversations with customers about how they protect their data, and what solutions can help reduce their risk further.

Don't have your marketing campaign ready yet - or haven't even heard of Data Privacy Week in the first place? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Simply read on to find out how to build the perfect Data Privacy Week marketing campaign, and use our free templates to get it ready to send out in minutes!

What is Data Privacy Week?

Data Privacy Week is an event that highlights the importance of keeping data secure. It originally started in 2008 when the Council of Europe chose January 28th as the Data Protection Day, and has since then spread out into a whole week of events that are recognised across the world.

In 2023, Data Privacy Week will run from Sunday the 22nd to Saturday the 28th of January. The week spans a number of national events, including Data Privacy Day in the United States, and Data Protection Day in Australia.

Why is Data Privacy Day important for MSPs?

Many companies and decision makers are still unaware of just how disastrous a potential data breach could be to their company. Educating customers to understand how damaging a breach could be, and how one could happen, is key to helping them mitigate their risk.

Human error is the number one risk to data privacy. Without the proper training, employees are likely to overlook precautions on secure handling of data, and fall into simple traps like failing to set strong passwords or restrict sharing of sensitive information to the minimum necessary.

For MSPs, Data Privacy Week presents the perfect time to spread awareness about the risks caused by improper treatment of data, and start initiating conversations with customers about what steps they are taking to protect their organisation.

How to initiate conversations with customers about Data Privacy Week

Outreach on any campaign should first begin on social media and blogs. Sharing posts such as tips, statistics and infographics can encourage customers to start thinking about the risks that data breaches can cause, as well as start fostering conversations within companies about solutions that may be required to address risks.

You should also make sure to include information about Data Privacy Week on your website. Your blog would be the natural place to do this, and it's where interested customers could learn more about the risks involved and the solutions on offer.

Infographics help MSPs raise awareness during Data Privacy Week

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How to directly reach out to customers about Data Privacy Week

After you've started raising awareness on your blog and social media, you can start to reach out to customers directly. Events such as the Data Privacy Week provide the perfect launching point for direct conversations with customers around risks to data and how they can be mitigated.

Any conversation should begin with finding out the specific risks to the customer in question and understanding their requirements. From this, the basis for a successful pitch can be built.

The number one data security risk to businesses is human error. You should highlight this risk to your customers, and make a case built around how a human risk management solution can not only protect their data, but save them money in the long run.

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Your FREE MSP Resources for Data Privacy Week 2023

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