New in August: AI course and platform improvements

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New courses

AI Threats: Staying Safe from AI Attacks

Our latest uLearn course focuses on the many different types of new AI-powered attacks, from deepfake videos manufactured to cause alarm, to expert phishing messages crafted with machine learning.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search AI Threats: Staying Safe from AI Attacks


New improvements

Find the right templates more easily on Auto Phish

We've improved template selection for your Auto Phish simulations by including the language of the templates in the selection box on the Auto Phish configuration page. It's now easier than ever to find the right template for your region and campaign.

uPhish -> Auto Phish


More accurate compromises on uPhish simulations

When users submit forms on their uPhish simulation landing pages, only fields marked as required now need to be filled for the simulation to be marked as a compromise.

uPhish -> Create Simulation


Fixed Term Policy Signatures are now only sent after the cycle start date

We've updated the logic on policies sent out with Fixed Term Policy Signatures so that they are now only sent out to users starting from the chosen date - rather than being sent out to existing users immediately.

uPolicy -> View policies


Keep track of your PDF policy uploads more easily

PDF uploads to uPolicy now once again keep the filenames that they were uploaded as, making it easier for you to keep track of your own custom policies.

uPolicy -> View policies


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