Why usecure is the perfect fit for MSPs — With S2 Computers

With over 80% of cyber attacks predicted to be a result of phishing in 2022, MSPs are having more conversations with clients around securing their 'human firewall' through services such as user training and simulated phishing tests.

But with so many software solutions out there, what's the best fit for MSPs?

We know how much service providers value the opinions and feedback of their peers, so we chatted with Andrew Atthowe from one of the UK's leading MSPs and a trusted usecure partner — S2 Computers.

Why usecure is the perfect fit for MSPs 

In this post, Andrew explains what made usecure's Human Risk Management solution stand out amongst the competition, and what difference usecure has made to his clients' cyber security behaviour.

Key points:

1. What problems were S2 Computers trying to solve before finding usecure?

"We wanted a UK-based cyber security and phishing test vendor to work with. Previously, we had been using Webroot and, although it was cheap, it wasn’t the easiest system to use and all of the training being in US English didn’t translate very well to our UK-based clients. We also have used Bigger Brains via Cloud Radial but, again, it was US-based and lite on good quality cyber security training material".

2. What made usecure stand out?

"usecure came recommended by someone we trust (shoutout to Danny Boyle at Zen software) and when we found out usecure is UK-based — that sealed the deal for us. The MSP friendly aspect is also important, i.e. clear and reasonable monthly pricing.

The ability to get support when needed and not be waiting for US time zones was also a huge positive. Another important factor was the integration with Office 365 as it is something that all of our clients use, so the integration saves so much time when setting up a new client on the system".

3. How has usecure helped solve the 'human problem' for your clients?

"Our clients engage with the training and then see the value. After using it for a short while, they sell it to themselves and then go on and mention it to others. Our clients can clearly see risk scores reducing and employees engaging with the training. I don’t have any stats around security incidents but they must be reduced with this in place".

4. Top benefits that S2 Computers have found

"usecure has come at a crucial time when we are having more and more conversations with clients around cyber security training or email phishing tests, and it's meant that we are confident that we have the perfect solution for them that isn't expensive.

It just works and scales easily, so it doesn't matter what size the client is that we're speaking to."

5. Advice for other MSPs looking for a similar solution

"Stop looking and just get signed up, you won’t regret it!".

About S2 Computers

With over 18 years of experience in helping Norfolk and Suffolk-based businesses eliminate their IT headaches, S2 Computers has helped countless clients ensure their IT systems remain stable and secure around the clock.

As a trusted usecure partner, S2 Computers also help businesses strengthen their clients' human security posture through ongoing user training and simulated phishing assessments.


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usecure's Human Risk Management (HRM) offers a full-circle solution for transforming people into a business' strongest defence against evolving threats.

With simple white-label configuration, admin-lite automation and an intuitive multi-tenant portal, usecure is designed to help MSPs quickly sell the requirement for HRM while being easy to launch and manage at scale.

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