Why white label services are key to growing your MSP

What does it mean to 'white label' a product or service, and why should it be important to managed service providers (MSPs) in terms of building their business and winning new customers?

I am an MSP! 

Although today's MSPs can go under a number of different names - like MSP, MSSP, ITSP, InfSP - it's important that there is a clear differentiation between:

  1. Providing a managed service
  2. Reselling products and services (i.e. a reseller)

A pure-play MSP takes products and services (including some of their own) and builds packages that meet the needs of their clients. This works for the MSP as they get to create a cohesive offering with complementary tooling, which works for the customer as they:

  1. Don’t have to put as much thought into which products they need — all the hard work has been done.
  2. Everything is wrapped up into one per-seat, per-desktop, per-price — so it is so easier to manage.
  3. They get a more valuable and effective service as there are less gaps in what they purchase — this might be the hardest one to qualify at purchase but that's what you pay your trusted adviser for.

The products are the smallest part of the service

It would be easy to consider the products that the client is getting as the biggest chunk, but actually, it’s the services and knowledge that the MSP wraps around these products that give the real value.

The knowledge to be able to select the right products from the market that complement their clients' requirements is so important, as there are lots of options out there which can take a lot of wading through to find the right fit — not just in isolation, but in conjunction as well.

Your MSP has kindly done all the hard work for you

Services like the implementation, configuration and support provided are already there to ensure that the network, infrastructure and endpoints remain efficient and operational at all times. 

So, why are white label products/services important?

  1. They align with your brand. The MSP is providing their managed service and most of that, as stated above, is more knowledge and service over product. White labelling enables you to align the value proposition with your brand, against the investment made. 
  2. They remove the curiosity from the client. This can be a bad thing and creates a thought of “I wonder how much that product costs” and “Hey, have you thought about using X product instead? I used that at my last place”. At the end of the day, the client pays the MSP to have already thought about this and deliver the best solution.
  3. They create a better connection between the client and the MSP. Rather than the client focusing on the vendor if something goes right or wrong, the MSP is in the chair. This results in a better level of service for the client, and a better, higher-value offering for the MSP - win/win!



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