The next evolution of user-focused security for MSPs — SMB Community Podcast

From security awareness training platforms to simulated phishing tools, there seems to be a never-ending list of solutions out there that claim to strengthen the 'weakest link' in the cyber security chain — humans.

But with human error still being the number one cause of data breaches, are these solutions really providing a fix? And, for managed service providers (MSPs), how many of these solutions are truly built for MSP enablement?

In this 30-minute podcast, usecure CEO & Founder, Charles Preston, chats with SMB Community Podcast host, Karl W. Palachuk, to discuss why Human Risk Management (HRM) is the next evolution of user-focused security for MSPs.

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What is Human Risk Management (HRM)? 

Even with businesses around the globe investing more than ever into strengthening their cyber security and following stricter data compliance standards, data breaches have hit an all-time high.

But why is this?

From networks to devices, many businesses have been laser-focused on rolling out the latest innovations for securing their technology, while neglecting the security of their biggest threat, and, their greatest asset — people.

Employees have more access to sensitive data than ever before and, with user-targeted attacks like spear-phishing becoming more prevalent, the traditional approach of rolling out annual security awareness training in the hope that something sticks just isn't enough to avoid a user-related data breach.

usecure's Human Risk Management (HRM) offers a full-circle solution for transforming people into a business' strongest defence against evolving threats.

Human Risk Management (HRM) is the new class of user-focused security that empowers MSPs to calculate, strengthen and monitor their customers' employee security posture at scale — offering a vital layer of protection for clients while boosting long-term service value.


Built for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

With simple white-label configuration, admin-lite automation and an intuitive multi-tenant portal, usecure is designed to help MSPs quickly sell the requirement for HRM while being easy to launch and manage at scale.


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