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Choosing a Security Awareness Program That Fits With Remote Working

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Elliot Bolland

As many businesses begin to settle in to the new reality of remote working, they need a security awareness program that suits these new needs. In this blog, we'll look at what makes security awareness training effective from home.  

Automated Platform

The most important factor when thinking about training your team remotely is how to ensure adherence and effective communication of the courses. This is the benefit of an automated system. usecure sends out regular, updated courses based on a GAP analysis of strengths and weaknesses. This means that monthly, or at a set time, users will be sent out a course to train themselves.

This will usually involve a quiz at the end to ensure the user has not just 'clicked through' the course and has actually been paying attention, then you can measure the progress of your security awareness program, at home, without having to send any follow-up emails, reminders or courses yourself. This will of course save you much valuable time. 

Sends regular updates 

So now you know your users are being trained, but what next? You'll want to be able to measure your progress through grades, risk scores and generally, see if the program is effective and your team is getting more up to speed with the cyber security risks that they are facing outside of the workplace.

Making sure that training is done in smaller compartmentalised modules will ensure that the user retains more information, recognises specific threats and why they are different to others, and makes the process more rewarding and less time consuming for all. 

Bespoke training modules 

Another important factor when considering a training course is whether the modules are up to date and relevant to your user. For example, now your team is remote, physical security will become less of an issue whilst training around BYOD (Bring your own device) and Remote Working awareness will become more of an issue. Ensuring that your Security Awareness Platform factors in these new ways of working is a key feature of any bespoke training program. 

Ease for the end user  

When taking their training remotely, you do not want to be inundated with emails pointing towards issues with the platform, this will end up eating into the time you are trying to save. By having a simple, easy to use platform for the end user it will ensure that they are self sufficient and can take ownership of their own cyber-security habits. Leaving end-users to train themselves should be the end goal of any platform. 

Fun and Engaging

Although it may not seem as though it is important, as you just want to make sure your users are educated properly, ensuring that they find the program fun and engaging is vital. this is because again it will ensure adherence and at the same time means that they will have a higher retention rate for the information. Studies have shown that up to 95% video information retained vs 5% read  more information is retained in video form, so videos can be a great way to educate your workforce.

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