New in May: Course Builder improvements, view upcoming courses and more

May Partner Update

Each month, the usecure team releases new features and improvements to the platform to help you make the most out of usecure. Here's what's new in May 2022.


Deploy custom courses to your customers more easily

We've updated the uLearn Course Builder with some new features to make it easier than ever for you to deploy custom courses for your customers.

  • Use the Access Control tab to make a course available to all of your customers, or to customers of your choosing
  • Preview the course icon on the Edit Course page with the new preview box
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Keep track of your users' Auto Enrol schedules

You can now find out which courses Auto Enrol will send out to your users next. Open a user's pop-up by clicking on them on the Users page, and scroll down to the Upcoming Courses section. Courses that have been scheduled to send out to them will be displayed, along with the time at which they will be sent out. (Don't see anything? Turn on Auto Enrol to automatically train your end users.)

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Choose your M365 authentication type

You may not have access to the Global Administrator role on all of your customer accounts. To make it easier for you to connect customer accounts through M365, the connection wizard now lets you choose which authentication type you wish to use. Note that we still recommend you to use the 'Application Permissions' authentication type for all accounts that you do have Global Administrator privileges for.

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That's it for this month - see you on the usecure platform!