What's New in April

Last month we were as busy as ever building out new content and tools to help you effectively address human risk. Here's your quick round-up of the latest partners news from usecure.

Help your customers stay safe in a heightened cyber threat environment

Bodies including the NCSC, White House and Australian Cyber Security Centre have urged all companies to strengthen their cyber defenses following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

With our newest video-based training course, you can:

  • Make users aware of the increased cyber risk environment
  • Remind users of essential security measures
  • Quiz users on keeping their data, devices and network safe


Find Russia & Ukraine: Staying safe in a heightened cyber threat environment in the uLearn Course Library, or read more on the blog.

Learn about the next evolution of user-focused security

The usecure CEO Charles Preston joined the SMB Community Podcast to discuss the next evolution of user-focused security for MSPs. Listen to the episode below - or read the full blog here.


Platform fixes and improvements

Our development team has been busy making improvements to the usecure app to ensure your experience is as smooth as possible.

Last month our development team:

  • Made improvements to the app's usability on Mac OS Safari
  • Fixed an issue with CSV imports of learners not correctly inheriting the company default language/locale
  • Added an 'Unenrol from Gap Analysis' action on the Users page
  • Added a 'Send reminder' action to the Gap Analysis row on the Users pop-up page
  • Restored the 'Enrol on Course' action to the simulation pop-up recipients tab in uPhish
  • Made performance improvements to the simulation pop-up window
  • Added a 'Run Manual Sync Now' button to the end of the M365 Sync Setup Wizard
  • Added a new User Email Method option to the M365 Sync to allow admins to choose how the sync establishes a user's email address

That's all for this update - see you next time on the usecure app!