New in October: CSAM Resources, Updated Auto Enrol Videos and more

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Cyber Security Awareness Month Resources

It's that time of the year again - Cyber Security Awareness Month 2023 is here. Taking place every October, CSAM is the perfect time to raise awareness with existing and prospective clients about cyber risks. We've created a resource pack with videos, infographics, guides and more for you to share and make noise this CSAM.

Download your CSAM 2023 resources here.



Updated Auto Enrol videos

We regularly review all uLearn course content, and we've just given the Auto Enrol videos in the Explainer style a refresh. These courses are now updated to the latest cyber security requirements, and feature new video footage to make them more appealing to end users.

Here's a preview of one of the new Explainer-style courses:



New internal phishing templates

We've added some brand new simulated phishing templates to the uPhish library. You can now train and test your end users by sending out one of our new internal templates, which focus on generic HR and finance-related scams used by cyber criminals to target employees.

View the new internal templates in the uPhish Email Template Library now.



Here's why you should send out Auto Enrol courses every 4 weeks

With the newly-updated Auto Enrol course videos, it's a good time to review your Auto Enrol settings. We recommend that you send out training courses every 4 weeks to end users - here's why.

  • Regular training will keep users aware of cyber security considerations
  • Sending out courses more often may tire users out and reduce engagement with training material
  • By training users every 4 weeks, you give users the chance to start adopting what they've learned before introducing a new topic

Want to adjust your Auto Enrol settings? You can do so easily by logging into a client account and navigating to uLearn -> Auto Enrol



Configure message injection if you haven't already

We introduced Message Injection earlier this year - and it's already helping many of our partners to seamlessly deliver simulation emails to user inboxes. If you haven't set up Message Injection for your clients yet, here's why you should get it done now:

  • Avoid having to set up and update complicated allow-listing rules
  • Ensure that simulations are always delivered to inboxes without going to spam
  • Easily set up in both Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace

Learn more about setting up Message Injection here.



That's all for this month - see you around on the usecure platform!