MSP Resource Hub — Educate clients on human cyber risk [Free eBook]

When approaching clients and prospects about why they should invest in the human element of their cyber security, MSPs can be met with a few stumbling blocks — some businesses might believe that they aren't a realistic target for an attack, whereas others can feel as though an annual security awareness training workshop is enough to maintain employee resilience.

Not only are these misconceptions a recipe for a data breach, but they're also a common reason as to why clients and prospects often float around at the top of an MSP's sales funnel when trying to sell user-focused security services.

If your clients don't understand the problem your service solves and the value that your MSP can add, then you're going to have a tricky time getting sign off.

Help your clients understand human cyber risk

To help usecure partners push clients and prospects through the 'awareness' stage of the buyer's journey, we've released a free and white-labelled eBook that MSPs can download, brand and share with clients in a flash.

HRM Guide 2022 = Pages

The 2022 Guide to Reducing Human Cyber Risk is a 10-page guide that helps decision-makers understand why their employees are such an insider threat, why this is a problem that needs to be fixed now, and step-by-step guidance on how usecure's Human Risk Management (HRM) service is the ultimate fix.

Make the guide your own

Branding the guide with your MSP logo and contact details is important for making sure that prospects have a clear call-to-action.

We've designed this guide so that it is free and easy to brand using tools like SmallPDF and Canva.

How to edit the guide

Access the guide in your usecure Marketing Resource Hub

If you're already a usecure MSP partner, you can find this brandable guide by:

In the article, you'll find a preview of the guide, along with some steps and a video tutorial on how to brand the document.

Not a usecure partner yet?

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