New in May: Finance courses, Irish phishing templates and more...

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New courses

Finance Scams

Educate your end users on common scams used to target employees working in finance roles, from invoice-based scams to CEO phishing messages. This course is also great to send out to any clients operating within the finance sector.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search Finance Scams

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Invoice Scams

Fake invoices are one of the most common compromise techniques used by cyber criminals to target employees in finance roles. Training any users with authority to pay invoices on these scams is essential to keeping your clients safe.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search Invoice scams

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Phone-Based Scams 

Emails aren't the only source of phishing attacks. Cyber criminals make use of phone calls to reach employees directly, and make use of the authority and urgency that a call provides. Help keep your clients safe by training end users on phone-based scams with this new course.

uLearn -> Course Library -> search Phone-Based Scams

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New phishing templates

Irish Phishing Templates

In April we grew our collection of Ireland-focused phishing templates. You can now find the following templates in the uPhish library to train your Ireland-based customers: Avant Money, PTSB, Curry’s Ireland, PowerCity, Apple Green, Revolut and more.

uPhish -> Create Simulation -> set language filter to English (Ireland)

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The events where you can catch us

In May, we'll be taking part in a number of partner events across Australia. Come and talk to us at any of the events in the Bluechip Symposium or Crayon Connect series.

Bluechip Symposium - Register here

  • Perth, May 1
  • Melbourne, May 8
  • Sydney, May 15
  • Brisbane, May 22

Crayon Connect - Register here

  • Melbourne, May 21
  • Brisbane, May 28
  • Sydney, May 30



Recognition for the usecure platform

The usecure platform has been once again recognised for our dedication to our partners. For the first quarter of 2024, we've received the Category Leader award from Channel Program, as well as the High Performer, Momentum Leader, and Best Relationship badges from G2.

Find out more about Channel Program here:

Find out more about G2 here:

Spring 2024 Badges