New in March: Custom Product Names, Risk Report PDF Export and C-Suite Courses

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New Features

Custom Product Names

Building a consistent brand helps you communicate the value that you provide to your clients and end users, and allows them to be confident that they are using a service that you are running.

You can now set custom product names for each of the products within the uservice app: uLearn, uPhish, uPolicy and uBreach. These product names will be displayed throughout the app and on reports.

In addition, we have made the Performance Reports entirely white-labelled (they no longer contain product names).

NFR Settings -> Open the Product Names tab (the product names you set here will apply to both your tenant and to each of your customer tenants).



New Courses

Essential Cyber Security Training for the C-Suite

Senior managers are lucrative targets for cyber criminals. They commonly have access to sensitive data and financial accounts, and may receive vast numbers of messages every day, often leaving little time for the executive to verify a message's legitimacy.

Our new set of five training courses help senior executives keep their devices and data safe across core areas that specifically affect top managers, such as travelling safely to events. The courses also highlight the role that senior managers can play in helping create a secure culture in their companies and reduce the possibility and potential impacts of a breach.

Course Library -> Search C-Suite to find our five new training courses.




New Improvements

Human Risk Report PDF Export

The Risk Report is your go-to tool for discovering your clients' human risk and talking them through what steps and solutions are needed to remediate it.

You're now able to export the Risk Reports you run for your clients as PDF files, making it easier than ever to send over the Risk Report results and demonstrate to your clients the human risk they face.

uService -> Prospects -> Click on the Action button (>) next to the Prospect for which you wish to download the Risk Report -> Download Risk Report


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