New in June: HIPAA Privacy Rule Explained, Product owner and QOL improvements

Your June partner update on video

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New courses

HIPAA: The Privacy Rule Explained

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is one of the most important privacy legislations in the United States. In addition to regulating the activity of the health insurance and care sector, the HIPAA sets out rules on how personal and medical information should be protected under the Privacy Rule.

If your clients handle Protected Health Information (PHI) such as the names or payment details of individuals paying for health care, it essential that all staff members are trained on the HIPAA Privacy Rule.

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Team update

Say hello to our new Product Owner

Last month, the usecure team welcomed Nikita, our new Product Owner. She'll be your number one point of contact to discuss our roadmap and give feedback on your experience with the usecure platform.

To get in touch, simply slack Nikita on MSPGeek or drop her a line at



New improvements

Quality of life improvements

  • We've added a setting to force Vimeo's player over our custom video player in the platform settings, to help with accounts that are having general issues with video playback.
  • Image upload fields now include a 'Remove Image' button.
  • Pop-up window forms (such as add/edit user) have been restyled so the window always fits within your screen. This means you'll no longer have to scroll to get to the 'Save' button.
  • We've changed Risk Score to start taking user phishing compromises into account immediately, rather than when the whole simulation has finished.



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