Free Policy Template Pack!

We've put together a free policy pack with some of our most used policy templates that you can adopt in your business. Just click the download link below and get the following 5 most commonly used policy templates, totally free!

The 5 Policies You'll Find Included In Our Free Pack Are: 

Secure Remote Working Policy

With an increasingly remote work force, ensuring you have an up to date remote working policy should be a high-priority. Using our secure remote working policy template will help ensure that you have the correct protection in place for your remote workforce. 

Email Policy

Email has become the primary mode of communication in most businesses. Ensuring your employee's are aware of the best practices when it comes to email use, will help prevent inappropriate use, damage to the company's reputation and reduce the risk of phishing scams. 

Internet Use Policy

This policy ensures that the internet is used in a safe and responsible manner by all employee's. This will help protect your company from inappropriate or harmful internet use and should be distributed to all employees with internet access. 

Clean-Desk Policy

A clean-desk policy is a policy which addresses the physical security threats of the workplace. A clean desk policy ensures that there are no sensitive documents left in the office that could then be used to damage the company or the company's reputation, including but not limited to financial reports, passwords, legal documents. 

Password Policy

A good password policy will help protect your business from the use of insecure or weak passwords. Passwords protect all systems, data and devices across your business. Having a good policy in place will significantly reduce the risk of unauthorised access in your business. 

To access more policy templates, our automated policy management tool complete with online signature and simple monitoring simply click the link below: