February Partner Round-Up

In January, we were excited to launch two highly-requested features, as well as an in-depth human risk guide to help you educate your customers. If you missed them, here's all you need to know.

Allow your end users to report phishing emails directly in Outlook

It's finally here. The highly-requested Phish Alert Button is now in Beta and available for you to configure in your usecure customer settings.

Once configured, simply download the manifest file, install the add-in to your Microsoft 365 set-up, and let your end users know they can now report phishing emails directly from their Outlook mailbox. Users will be congratulated for spotting simulated phishes - while any other email will be reported to you and Microsoft (depending on your settings).

The Phish Alert Button works in Outlook on web, desktop and mobile. Learn how to set-up the Phish Alert Button in the usecure Help Centre.

Top Tip: To easily set-up the button for your existing customers, configure it in your Default Customer Settings, and then use the 'Reset' button to fill your tenant settings pages. You will need to download the manifest file individually for each customer from their tenant settings.


Let end users show off their completed courses with certificates

Providing certificates of course completion is another highly-requested feature that is now available on the usecure app.

Each time end users successfully complete a course, they can download a PDF course certificate showing their score from the course completion screen. You can also download certificates on behalf of users by opening a user's profile through the Users page. Learn more about course certificates in the Help Centre.

Top Tip: Remember that you can configure your minimum successful pass score for courses in your uLearn settings.


Educate your customers with the 2022 Guide to Human Cyber Risk

Our new guide to Human Cyber Risk will help your clients get to grips with the threats posed by human risk - and understand why human risk management is essential to protect their business. 

The guide is entirely white-labelled, so feel free to slap on your own logo and send it out to your clients today. Download your guide here [you will need to be logged into a usecure partner account].


That's all for February - see you next month!