New in February: uBreach Pro, MFA Fatigue course and more

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New products

Level up your dark web monitoring with uBreach Pro

In January we launched uBreach Pro - your advanced dark web intelligence tool, built for MSPs. uBreach Pro introduces a number of new features, from a new prospecting tool to domain-level breach monitoring and instant email breach alerts.

Upgrade today through the usecure app or start prospecting your clients.


New features

Easily edit access permissions for your custom courses

You may use custom courses to educate your end users on specific threats or regulations within the industries you operate in, or to customise the information security content you wish your end users to see. Some MSPs create custom courses on order for their clients, too.

You can now easily edit which of your customers have access to your custom courses in bulk. Simply select the courses you wish to edit the access rights for in Course Builder, and use the Actions drop-down to edit access rights.

Course Builder -> Select courses -> Actions -> Add Customers to Access Control


New courses

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Fatigue Attacks

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an important tool for securing accounts with access to sensitive or personal data. However, purely enabling MFA doesn't guarantee security.

Cyber criminals may try to use MFA fatigue attacks to enter services protected with MFA. In these attacks, the criminal uses breached credentials to carry out repeated log-in attempts, hoping that the user will be confused by the MFA prompts on their device and unwittingly provide access.

Educate your users on MFA fatigue attacks and how they can stay safe with our newest animated training course.

Course Library -> Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Fatigue Attacks


Partner news

usecure recognised as Category Leader by Channel Program

Channel Program, the leading vendor discovery community for MSPs, has recognised usecure as a Category Leader in Phishing & Security Awareness Training. Due to the number of reviews by usecure partners, usecure has also received the coveted 'Highly Reviewed' badge.

View our Channel Program profile here.


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