New in December: Bulk enrolment, Consumer Duty and Micro Phishing

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New features

Bulk Course Enrolment

You can now enrol multiple users to a course at a time using a CSV file. This helps you easily send out a course to a large or complex selection of users, even if they are not organised within a single group on the usecure platform.
To start your bulk upload, click the Bulk Enrol Users button on the Course Library page on the course you wish to enrol the users to. You will be able to download a template of the CSV file to easily upload users in the right format. You can also add users to the enrolment manually with the Add user option.
Course Library -> Course Panel -> Bulk Enrol Users


New courses

Phishing Micro Training (Video)

The usecure Phishing Micro Training courses are specifically made for users who become compromised on their phishing simulations. The inline training option in uPhish allows you to automatically send out these courses to any user who enters their details on a simulation landing page.
This latest course in the series provides a video walkthrough of why the user is receiving this training, how they can spot a phishing email, and what they should do if they come across a suspicious message in the future.
uPhish -> Create Simulation -> Inline Training

Introduction to Consumer Duty

Consumer Duty is a new set of rules that the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) expects all businesses in the UK financial services industry to operate by. These rules are intended to ensure good outcomes for retail consumers of financial products and services, and require compliance from all levels of operation in financial services firms. 

Our newest course provides users an essential introduction to Consumer Duty, its core aspects, and how it is expected to transform the industry over its implementation period.

uLearn -> Course Library -> Introduction to Consumer Duty


Get your users ready for the holiday season

Holiday Phishing Awareness: Rob's Phishy Christmas

While the rest of us are busy with gift wrapping, grocery shopping and other holiday preparations, cyber criminals are scheming to make use of the hustle and bustle that comes with the holiday season.

Our holiday-themed phishing course teaches users about the importance of exercising increased caution around offers, promotions and requests they receive around the holiday period. Help your users stay safe from holiday scams this season and enrol them today.

uLearn -> Course Library -> Holiday Phishing Awareness: Rob's Phishy Christmas



That's all for this month - see you around on the usecure platform!