Cyber-Security Awareness Month: Free Resources

This year we’re offering free resources to help spread the word about cyber risk, and the “Do your part, be cyber-smart” campaign. It’s all about making sure everyone is involved in cybersecurity efforts, companies, governments and individuals.

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month 2020!

This year (for obvious reasons) we’re focusing on remote working, how to ensure that your staff are practicing safe cyber-security habits whilst working remotely.

Now more than ever, companies are increasingly reliant on a tech-savvy workforce, backed up by the right tools and training.

Ensuring that you can deliver high-quality training to all the staff, and monitor remotely, will be a key feature in the new normal working environment.

We know things will be a little different this year. We wanted to do our bit by putting together our Remote Working security pack.

What can you expect in the toolkit?

Free Resources:

Download our collection of free security awareness videos. We’ve compiled some fun and engaging videos which will help your users learn about a variety of cyber security topics.

Free SAT Videos

Download our free policy pack covering working safely from home, internet use, email use, passwords and clean-desk policy. Our white-label policies can be adapted to any business, download these of click the free trial link to try uPolicy free for 14-days.
Free Policy Pack

Free tools

Test your users awareness with a free phishing simulation. Set up your own bespoke phishing email campaign, or use one of our templates, such as office 365. Simply sign up to usecure and start our 14-day free trial.

Free Phishing Simulation

This security awareness month, we’re offering a trial of the full usecure platform, completely free for 14-days. Gain full access to our uLearn teaching platform, uBreach our dark web scanner, uPolicy for policy management and our free phishing simulator.

Free 14-day Trial

For our Partner's

The free NFR license allows MSP’s to use the platform internally for up to 50 users. We’ve provided a bunch of free resources which will help you sell and market the usecure product

Free Lifetime NFR License